Every month I release 3d printable files to my Patrons. Patreon is the best way to get my sculpts as you get them for a great price and also get to participate on monthly polls to decide what gets sculpted. Click on image to go to my Patreon page

I also have a Gumroad subscription, you get everything that Patrons get, but your files are also backed up on Gumroad for your convenience https://gumroad.com/duncanshadow#VIYvC 


Note: I will be carrying on this sale while the current chaos continues


All products in sale only £1 get them while you can.

Also if you want some free sculpts look below 

Free giveaway

Due to the Coronavirus I am giving away some sets of dino sculpts. Many people are having to isolate themselves at home as well as lots of schools being shut down. Due to this I am giving away some sets of Dino's. I'm hoping this will give people something to do when they can't go out, as well as give parents something fun and educational they can do to help keep kids entertained over the coming weeks. 

Link to the files:  https://www.duncanshadow.com/shop

You will find a code to use in the items description to get them for free.

Stay safe, keep calm and carry on. 

Bundles Availiable

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You can print these files for your personal use, but you may not sell the printed items or distribute the digital 3D models/files to other parties. I am happy for you to print and sell the models (at cost) to your friends, but you can't go into business selling or distributing the models for profit or publicly advertise that you print and sell the models in any way whatsoever.