About me

I'm a digital sculptor who has tons of passion for what I do. I specializes in digital sculpting for 3d printing in the collectables and toy industry. I've worked on many projects with company's such as Steamforged Games, Mierce Miniatures, Mantic Games, Modiphius Entertainment, GCT Studios, Paranoid Miniatures, Spectre Miniatures and many more. 

I currently spend all of my time sculpting for my Patrons as well as personal projects.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You can print these files for your personal use, but you may not sell the printed items or distribute the digital 3D models/files to other parties. I am happy for you to print and sell the models (at cost) to your friends, but you can't go into business selling or distributing the models for profit or publicly advertise that you print and sell the models in any way whatsoever.